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No. Fleggz is more like a tool that enables users to dynamically and flexibly create and edit bespoke maps on web and mobile devices.

That also includes the option of recording your activity which will automatically create an event or step.

Everything starts with an event. An event has a title, description, status, start time, end time, location, activity type and can be assigned to a group. For example an event can be 'Friday night skate in London starting at Wellington Arch at 8pm, 21 February 2020.'

A step is a map object that gives detailed information about where exactly the event is happening. A step can be a marker or route on the map. Arbitrary number of steps can be added to an event. For example the above event can consist of 4 steps: start point (marker), first half (route), half time venue (marker), second half (route).

Yes. The following features are available on web and mobile alike.

A marker type of step has 4 attributes that are fully editable: name, description, position on map and marker icon.

A route type of step has the following editable attributes:

- Name

- Description

- Waypoints can freely be added/removed to/from a route

- Section of a route can be deleted

- Direction option will be offered between any two adjacent waypoints using the following modes: walking, cycling or driving.

- Colour

Yes. The event will only become visible to the group members or public if 'Published' attribute is turned on.

Yes. Navigation is available on mobile devices in Elevation Profile screen. Users have the option to navigate in two modes:

- simple mode: map will show the routes in their original colour.

- elevation profile mode: map will show the routes as colour coded route which indicates inclines and desclines coming up.

A route marker on a route step can indicate a hazard or point of interest relative to that route. It is created by converting a waypoint to a route marker.


A standalone marker is independent of a route step and can be positioned anywhere on the map.

Yes. Fleggz supports two types of map files: KML and GPX. Please note that timestamp attributes in these files are ignored.

Yes. Activity can be recorded which will then be converted either to an event OR to a step within the event.

Yes. You can create a new group and assign that group to specific events. Group owner and admins can add/remove users from a group and control user roles within the group.


A group can be public or private:

  • ┬ápublic group: all published events belonging to a public group will be visible to the public
  • ┬áprivate groups: only group members will see the published events in this group

Only on mobile device. Search for the group, click on it then 'Follow'. Now if you go back on Events list you should be able to see events belonging to the group.

An event can only be public if it belongs to a public group. Events in private groups cannot be made public and will only be visible to group members.

In order to maintain privacy, if a private group wants to make an event public this will need to be created in a separate public facing group.

Yes. A web url (Share URL) will be generated to display map of the event. This url can be embedded in a website or sent via external chat application on mobile.

Yes. Logged in users can share their location in context of an event. This will allow other users to track the sharing user's location.

This feature is useful if someone missed the start time of an event and would like to catch up on route or wants to follow someone taking part in an event such as a marathon.

Yes. If a group member shares their location during the event then it will be visible to other users in event map screen.

Only between two adjacent waypoints of a route. Directions are available in walking, cycling and driving mode.

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